Phone Number Batch Processing

Do you have large files of phone numbers and need to know which are cell phone numbers and which are not?

HOW IT WORKS: You provide us with a tab-delimited CSV file, with your phone numbers, one number per row. The phone numbers MUST start with a leading "1". We process it and return to you a single CSV file that has 6 columns:

Your file should look like this:

Your results will look like the example below. Column 2 determines line type:

COST: 1.5 cents per number with a $75 minimum per batch. There is no limit on the quantity of numbers we can process. Pre-payment is required before processing.


  • Batch processing includes a check for ported numbers -- a critical step in identifying landlines that have been ported to wireless.
  • Sorry, we do not offer Do Not Call list scrubbing.
  • Works with U.S. based phone numbers only
  • Sorry, we do not offer an API.
  • Payment required via Paypal. When you know the total number of phone numbers in your file, we can compute the actual cost.
  • Your use of our batch processing service indicates your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.
  • For questions or to get started, please contact us here.